Show your support with a lawn or window sign!

Philly public schools, educators, and our children are under attack!

Teachers, counselors, nurses, secretaries and other staff that provide our city's most vulnerable kids with and education are fighting against well-financed campaigns to defund public schools and declare them "failing." The School Reform Commission is complicit in the intentional effort to drive the district into financial ruin, hoping to privatize the schools, break the teachers' union, and bring in profit-driven companies to run the schools with little oversight.

Over 3000 Philly educators have been laid off, and those remaining have been saddled with extra workload to keep schools working, clean, and safe for children. School staff have had their salaries frozen since 2012, so while the cost of living goes up, teachers and staff find their ability to stay afloat financially gets harder, sacrificing $10,000 to $20,000 each year to frozen wages. Morale is sinking and many of the best teachers have already left the city or the profession all together. Where will this leave Philly kids? ...or Philly's future?

We're not going down without a fight!

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers needs the support of parents and area residents to help us demand that the staff of our kids' schools can stay on the job, with good working and learning conditions. The school district has refused to put a reasonable contract on the table. Our politicians have not prioritized the education of young people in the city that generates the most wealth, and poverty, in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia needs to rebuild the trust and hope by keeping our experienced teachers and drawing new talent to Philadelphia to have the schools we deserve.

You can join us!

We are raising money to print two types of yard signs to help get our message to the community, whose solidarity is essential in supporting educators and defending our public schools. One sign is for educators living in the Philadelphia region (for now), and the other is for all supporters of Philly schools who want to keep us here.

The first 1000 signs will cost $2840, and this is just a start! We'll printing signs until educators get a fair contract.

Donate, get a sign, and help cover the city in a huge show of solidarity!

Signs are printed on two sides on durable poly-coated cardboard with a wire frame to plant in a yard. Alternately, the two sides can be separated into two signs to display in windows.

See Philly Teacher Sign Pick-Up Points for the nearest contact person and pick-up location.

This is a grassroots campaign in solidarity with the leadership and all rank and file membership of the PFT, and Philadelphia students, families, and communities.